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August 20 2014


Principles of nutrition for overweight people

Many people think of countless weight loss methods increasingly difficult and complicated to sweep efficiency. Some may be true, but not all. You can also see the arrival of the miracle of your body weight measured by the simplest method. Let's embark on immediate change of prerequisite for weight loss is that your diet okay. 
To lose weight quickly, you have to make sure I've done good nutrition principles outlined below. 

1 Diet is not fasting, fasting drink   

Many people thought that the best way to lose weight is to abstain from eating and drinking can be. However, there is a weight loss tron thoughts dumbest risk. Can you fast weight loss with fasting, fasting drink, but then you also quickly admitted it. Why do it? It is if you drink fast, your body will become dehydrated, resulting in water and electrolyte disorders in the body. If your fasting will lead to more dangerous metabolic disorders, reduced labor, work capacity, decreased muscle mass, decreased physical activity, and it is easy to follow weight back and more fat after the round that fasting. So, do not be so foolish as to which method to apply it this madness. 

2 Cut Energy 

Let's know how to cut to reduce energy intake by meal before drinking a glass of water, eat a bowl of soup or a plate of boiled vegetables, cucumber fruit to satiety to reduce food intake, and should that stop eating before you feel too full. 

3 Limitations of energy-rich foods in each meal 

Omitted entirely impossible to guarantee health, but you can lessen the energy-rich foods in each meal such as rice, wheat, oil, grease, butter, ice cream, cakes, candy, sweet tea, chocolate. You should also note that victims sugar intake (up 10-20g sugar / day corresponding to cultivate sugar 1-2 tsp / day), limiting soft drinks, wine, beer ... Instead, you should drink boiled water, tea, milk no sugar, increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet. 

4 Choose lean meats substitute for high-fat foods 

To ensure quality damh body to work without worrying about your weight loss affected you should choose lean meats such as pork, chicken (without skin), fish, shellfish, tofu, soy milk , yogurt, skim milk (low sugar or no sugar) ... at the same time, you should also limit eating brains, kidneys, heart, liver, kidney, heart, egg yolk because these foods contain more fat and cholesterol. 

5 use some supplements for your weight loss plan

It seems that this trend is becoming increasingly popular. These super foods for weight loss, such as Green Coffee Bean, Raspberry, Acai Berry,Garcinia Cambogia, Cacao, Maca,… Always attract the attention of those who want to lose weight. So you can find some weight loss supplement is extracted by super foods for weight loss.

6 Do not be fooled by the fries, roasting, stir-fry 

The fries, roasting, stir-fry and always smells attractive colors and also so that it has immeasurable charm hills with food enthusiasts. But please know rebuff it in time, if not your weight loss plan to waste tank. Ideally, you should be preparing food as boiled, steamed, grilled, to reduce the amount of grease to good for your weight loss process. 

7 Enhanced fiber-rich foods 

Instead of being tempted by fat then seek help from the group of fiber-rich foods such as brown rice, potatoes, corn, green vegetables and fresh fruit types less sweet (like plum, cassava root, dragon, grapefruit, apple, orange, tangerine) to provide sufficient energy minimum, just adding vitamins, minerals, and easy to digest absorb and prevent constipation, increased cholesterol and emissions of hazardous substances from body. 

8: Balance diet should tilt the morning half 

If you do not want your weight loss efforts took place then known dead dividing sensible diet. Let's split the regular small meals to combat hunger, help you implement the principles of eating more, eating too much more on a meal leads to greater fat accumulation is divided into many meals with the same quantity of eat. You should provide more food in the first half of the day and not eat much in the evening. This is not good for weight loss strategy at all. 

9 Create the habit of eating slowly, chewing thoroughly 

Let your body work most effectively to support weight loss while you eat. Make it a habit to eat slowly, chew carefully. With this habit will help you reduce the amount of food you eat. Because when you eat too fast, full of food into the stomach to the body so quickly that no time and no signal until you get the signal, you have your overeating. Not good, right? 

10 Be aware reject temptation feast 

Reject the invitation if possible and carnivals tron unforeseen circumstances, you will need a crystal apple and a leader in the food choices for themselves and avoid foods entice friends. choose to eat soft foods, not too many calories. You can eat your liking vegetables, fruit and only eat 1-2 small pieces of each item. Stay away from greasy foods more, much cholesterol as roast pork, pork skin milk, duck quartet ... Enjoy regular orange juice, unsweetened fruit juices, purified water or iced tea ... instead of soft drinks, alcohol, beer ... 

11 Use smaller utensils normal 

When using the smaller type of utensil you will tend to eat less than normal because when food is placed in the smaller boats of S we will look full and you will easily control the amount of food ingested. 

No need to start in a remote location that should be carried through in the most practical thing that's every day diet. With the strict implementation of the principles of nutrition, you will get there more quickly on the road to weight loss. 

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Wish you success!

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